Not just finding your passion or job hunting. Find your purpose with passion! The Digital course supports you - make this year yours to connect the most meaning aspects of life and work!

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What if in 10 weeks you could grow in places and ways you never expected:

Remove blocks to your future by creating mindset shifts to release hindering beliefs of your past

Turn your passion into profit by connecting to true meaning and the essence of you

Create your Passion Brand by owning your new identity based on your purpose and then marketing yourself in the real world

Evolve to be the most aligned you've ever been, overcome future obstacles, and be an unstoppable force in the world

Get all your questions answered about your personal situation (1:1 sessions by request)

Receive support from a community of like-minded people

And BE your most authentic self on and off-line.

What the world needs right now is people like YOU to come alive!  

Enrollment is OPEN for the Digital Course and includes:

  1. 8 Digital Course Modules on how to connect with your purpose and own it.
  2. 2 Bonus classes on body awareness breathing, and heart-centered intention setting.
  3. Topic videos with guest speakers around: connecting with your intuition, releasing fear, managing family/career, and biz topics to help you organize, strategize and monetize your purpose.
  4. Additional topics to raise your energy, ease overwhelm and balance your mind/body/spirit.
  5. Facebook community of people online where you can ask questions, collaborate and connect with others just like you.
  6. ​​Ultimately creating a purpose-driven life!

Teany Hidalgo - Purpose Coach

Hi, I’m Teany Hidalgo your guide on this journey with:

22+ years of experience Corporate leading teams, interviewing and hiring employees, and at least 3 major pivot points that led me to discover my true purpose with passion, and develop the habits to make them possible.

12 years of entrepreneurship in a wellness and coaching practice allowing me to develop keen intuition on connecting deeply with people, and supporting their quality life.​ Let me be your muse!

Countless years of personal education, spiritual learning and coaching practice via courses and self-learning books, with certifications in Anthony Robbins Coach Training, and Purpose Coach Training​

​AND a passionate desire to be of service and share the lessons I've learned over time to accomplish my heart mission which is...​​

My heart mission to help you align to your purpose to own your power and come alive!

"This course was exactly what I needed! I have been thinking about what my purpose is and was trying to figure it out on my own - that wasn't working. Teany was able to walk me through my past and how it relates to my present. She saw my potential clearer than I did, and was able to spell it out for me! That was super helpful! Teany highlighted my strengths and and I am excited to be able to use them to accomplish my goals. Thank you!!"
Pamela, New York

do what you love
Enroll because you want to do what you love

You're tired of the same old day, some old year, doing the same old thing. Find meaning!

Fullfill your destiny
Enroll because you know you have a broader calling

You want to live your potential rather than what your boss says you should.

This is the sign you've been waiting for
Enroll today because the signs are everywhere (literally)

It's time to follow your heart and that dream that's been dormant for far too long.

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Curriculum - here's what we'll cover:

Release your past

  • Get awareness of your current work patterns, values, and beliefs.
  • Learn how to break free of negative disempowering patterns that hold you back and establish positive ones.

Discovering your passion

  • Get deep understanding of your innate assets and what sets you apart in the workforce.
  • Get a clear picture of your career’s compelling future and the deep motivations behind it.
  • Get to your BIG why that drives you to contribute to the world and create your PERSONAL MANIFESTO!

Creating your Personal Passion Brand

  • Understand your personal, natural and shortest path to success, wealth and happiness in potential careers.
  • Learn how to embody and own your Personal Passion Brand and market yourself to be an unstoppable force in the world.

The Evolution

  • ​Learn how to evolve your brand to grow, overcome future challenges and reach your peak performance!

"Working with Teany hasn't only been incredibly fun, the results of her career coaching have been life-changing.
Her understanding of human psychology combined with her extensive workplace knowledge make her indispensable for anyone wanting to design a fulfilling career and lifestyle. Don't miss out on the incredible opportunity of working with Teany. In eternal gratitude..."
-Alex Des, Canada

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